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I have been using it for the longest of times now but never noticed any plugins or features that allows me to do that. I started to used Netbeans IDE and later other development tools so when my mind went to Ultraedit… As i haven’t used it in years, i couldn’t say with absolute certainty, that’s why i said “fairly sure”. You can even base the sort on keys which could be helpful for example if you have a long report that’s formatted with tabs or white space, similar to a CSV file. I have an old copy of Ultraedit, version 16.3 portable.

  • Silk Matte Business CardsSilk Matte business cards take your print from simple to stylish.
  • I haven’t tried Sean’s suggestion of Hammer Spoon yet.
  • You then just have to extract downloaded archive in your Notepad++ installation folder .
  • Then install the corresponding app on your new PC.

Editors focus on offering a nice-looking interface filled with a tonne of features and functionalities, Vim focuses on getting the basics right. You do, however, get extensive plugin support, with new plugins being developed continuously, to configure the editor to suit your coding style and workflow. As a result, a lot of the features you get on it are community developed and maintained. Similar to VS Code, Atom is also based on the Electron framework, although, unlike VS Code, it is not as feature-rich natively. But thanks to plugin support, you can hack various elements of Atom and add features to it selectively to suit your requirements and project workflow.


You can also use this method to set particular file extensions to open at a program of your choosing. Finale offers a level of control that no other music notation software can match, and empowers you to create anything you can imagine. When creating with Finale, you can feel confident that your score will sound great, your parts are ready, and your musical vision is communicated clearly.

What’s cool about the app is it uses the nebo notes handwriting recognition so I can convert to text really easily and scarily accurately. I’ll use iThoughts if I need a real formal mindmap but most of the time only if I cannot sketch or reorganize my freehand notes. Also I will jump into onenote if i want a very big canvas for a big collection of ideas to represent. Otherwise I cannot stand it for organizational purposes of big collections of notes. I use google keep for my digital corkboard of sticky notes.

When there are multiple ED entries for a single 1940 ED # , they will occur together as a block with no blank line between the various lines. If a 1940 ED has only a single 1930 entry, it should have a blank line above the brackets, and one below the text line. Mark Antoniousaid…Ok, I understand the problem.

Removing duplicate values in NotePad ++

No, you cannot download Notepad++ on a mobile device as it is not available for download on such devices. However, there are other mobile-friendly text editor apps you can download as an alternative. Notepad++ works best on a Windows computer where you can enjoy all of its features. If you are working in the IT field or looking into a career as a software engineer, developer, or data scientist, it would be very advantageous to learn how to use Notepad++.

Press Ctrl+Enter again to end the current line. To select multiple lines in Notepad, press CTRL + A to select all text, then press CTRL + C to copy the selection. The “Select All” command will select all of the text in a document. The “Select Next Word” command will select the next word in the document. Its design is built to be executed in Windows environments and its use is based on the GPL license.. This beautiful dark theme is created by Kristo Waher.

I commonly swap Word file and other documents and email content between my PC and Mac at work. Notepad and TextEdit are my two go too programs I use to strip formatting. One problem I encounter often is apostrophes, quotes and other punctuation sometimes come across as jibberish characters.

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