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The business world discarded physical data rooms piled with paper many years ago in favor of virtual data rooms that offer the security, protection and accessibility needed to speed up decision-making. VDRs are now an integral element of the business process, from M&A due diligence to ongoing collaboration with clients, partners and vendors.

When selecting the right VDR look at features such as two-factor authentication or granular permissions for users. Find features that offer additional layers of security for sharing sensitive information and editing, like document expiration or time-based access limitations, and IP-based restrictions. Since the majority of VDRs are websites that can be accessed from any device, and without the need to download an app.

A top-tier provider will also support multiple language and have robust file management software that allows users to navigate large data sets. Additionally, look for a service that offers legally binding electronic signatures which are crucial for M&A and other contracts.

It is important to look at both third-party and internal reviews of the provider you’re considering to find out what other users ‘ opinions are about their features as well as their customer service and support. You should also verify whether the vendor has certifications that confirm their compliance with the industry’s most stringent standards and provide an additional assurance that you’re in good hands. A reliable VDR can also include a chat function and other productivity tools for fast collaboration. Many businesses need the ability to comment on documents or collaborate with other people, and to also automate the progress of documents that require specific editing.

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