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Board Portal is an application that enables sharing of data, documents and information online in a safe and secure environment. It typically provides a central repository for board materials which can be accessed by directors and other stakeholders from any location. It also comes with a set of tools that permit directors to engage during meetings and collaborate, leading to better governance and decision-making.

A third-generation portal is designed to be secure, simple to use and accessible from any device. Its technology makes it simpler to plan meetings and reduces the amount of time that management specialists spend searching through board books or emails. It can even reduce the number of meetings that need to be held, which allows to make more efficient use of business resources and an improved corporate culture.

A good provider is able to recognize the unique challenges and requirements of a board and provide an option that is simple for users to install and use. It should offer a comprehensive service including training and documentation for new users. In addition, it should provide an affordable pricing structure to ensure that the solution is able to be implemented and used within the budgetary constraints of the company. Selecting a reputable supplier will enhance the effectiveness of any boardroom, and improve the productivity of both the governance function and other departments within the organisation. It will also help boards to be agile and responsive in a VUCA world.


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