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If your board is using a board portal or paper for its minutes of meetings, keeping detailed and precise notes is essential in keeping the board informed. You must be aware of what information to include and what information to not.

For example, if you document the vote of members on motions the minutes should include only votes against or in favor of a decision – not the names of the individuals who made and seconded the vote. This will shield the board against legal challenges in the future. The only exception to this rule is when the executive pay or financial transactions involving board members are involved – in these cases the names of those who voted should be recorded as well as rationales.

Another important element to include in the minutes of your board meeting is any information that can help clarify the board’s decisions. This can include comments from your legal counsel or the chairman but not their views or conclusions unless stated explicitly. Include any reports or presentations that were presented at the meeting. This lets your board be aware of any relevant updates from different committees and can provide information to the entire team.

It is important to keep in mind that board meeting minutes are an objective and unbiased record of the board’s decision-making process. For this reason, you should avoid recording any personal opinions, arguments or disagreements, political discussions, or idle conversations. Concentrate on recording important decisions and facts, while maintaining the same neutral tone even there is tension within the room.

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